About Us
Bol Bharat Bol (http://www.bolbharatbol.com) is a blogging website for every Indian and anyone interested in the Indian culture living anywhere across the globe. Bol Bharat Bol will highlight through its blogs, anything from current issues and news pertaining to Indians to the best Indian restaurants, from articles highlighting the problems faced by Indians to poems and paintings crafted by the Indian masses. Bol Bharat Bol not only encourages its users to project their own view points by posting articles/ blogs and uploading pictures, videos and audio content onto the website, but also enables its users to comment on existing posts and start online debates to give a more wholesome view point of what Indians really think and want to say. Blogs posted onto Bol Bharat Bol can be followed and such blogs will rise in ranking with votes of awsomeness and will fall with votes of sadness, thus again projecting the true scentiments of Indians.

This really makes Bol Bharat Bol more than just a stand-alone blogging site, as it functions as an online forum which projects current Indian news and hot topics for the benefit of the Indian masses and others who wish to learn more about India. The other key feature of Bol Bharat Bol is its feature of starting online polls to gather more accurate data on what Bharat; India, really feels about the topics that are being discussed on this forum.

Bol Bharat Bol is forming the largets online family of Indians and people interested in India, where they can socialise without any restraint.

Bol Bharat Bol is co-created by Rajarshi Das and Dev Aditya.

Feel free to contact us on: admin@bolbharatbol.com
What can you do
Blog, upload text, audio, video and images, create online polls, comment on existing blogs and commence online debates, follow and give awsomeness votes to articles.
Anyone anything
Anyone can post anything pertaining to (but not limited to) India, to Indians and the Indian lifestyle.
The more awsomeness votes will raise articles to the top of the website while votes of sadnesss will push articles to the bottom.
To unite the Indian online communities into one global Indian online forum.